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Hunting hare


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Hunting period: 1.9-28.2

Full day program where we hunt hare in forest landscapes with the help of a dog (Finnish Hound or Dachshund). During the day we enjoy a wilderness lunch outdoors by a fire place.

No catch quota, it is allowed to shoot arctic hare, brown hare and also small predators.

Day program:
We start before sunrise, exact time depends on the date. During the day we make coffee breaks and a  lunch break by the fire. We go to the hunting area by car, in the forest we go on foot.
Price: 285 €/ person/day (min 450 €/day )
The price includes guidance, dogs, transportation during the day and a wilderness lunch.
Group size: 1-12 persons/day
Shotgun rent: 40 €/day
Licenses: The guests have to have a hunting license  and shotgun license


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