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Our lake activities take place on the home waters of the endangered Saimaa ringed seal, therefore it is important that our activities are absolutely seal friendly

1. In summer
We fish only with active fishing methods (trolling, spinning, angling), not with nets that can be dangerous for young seals.. During our seal safaris we watch the seals with binoculars without disturbing the seals lolling on the rocks. We drive slowly and we do not make any unnecessary noise. We do not go ashore in places where we know seals loll.

2. In winter
We use only marked routes on the ice (skating trail, ski tracks and snow mobile tracks) in orde to safeguard the breeding grounds of the seals. All snow mobile trips ae guided and we do not rent snow mobiles in the seal district. We prefer sleigh rides (one snow mobile and sleigh for 8 persons) rather than snow mobile safaris.

3. Engines
All our boats and snow mobiles have four stroke engines (less noise and less exhaust fumes)

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