Boat taxi

A boat taxi can be ordered any day 1.5. - 31.10.

Oravi -Linnansaari 15 €/person/one way, minimum 45 €/boat
Oravi-Järvisydän 25 €/person/one way minimum 120 €/boat
Järvisydän-Linnansaari 25 €/person/one way minimum 120 €/boat

The boat taxi is available in Haukivesi - Joutenvesi area. Please prebook the taxi one day ahead for longer trips.

Regular boat

Regular boat service Oravi - Linnansaari - Järvisydän 19.6. - 29.8.2020

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Daily timetable:


Oravi-Linnansaari:   9.30am    11.30am*    2pm      (3.30pm*)   
Linnansaari-Oravi:  10.30am   1.30pm    (3.00pm)   6.00pm

*Boat drives from Oravi to Linnansaari and continues to Järvisydän

Note. the departures 3.30pm (Oravi - Linnansaari) and 3pm (Linnansaari - Oravi) are daily extra departures in mid-summer.


Oravi - Linnansaari: 10€/ adult/ one way -  5€/ child/ one way (4-12yo)

Oravi - Järvisydän: 20€/ adult/ one way, 15€/ child/ one way (4-12yo)


Järvisydän - Linnansaari:  12.30pm*  and  4.30pm*

Linnansaari - Järvisydän:  12noon   and   4pm

*Boat drives from Järvisydän to Linnansaari and continues to Oravi


Järvisydän - Linnansaari: 17,50€/ adult/ one way, 12,50€/ child/ one way (4-12yo)

Järvisydän - Oravi: 20€/ adult/ one way, 15€/ child/ one way (4-12yo)

Boat capasity 8-14 persons/ boat. On busy days we drive the route with several boats or multiple times with one boat. Please be prepared for small timetable changes.

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