Sauna Yoga is practised seated on a sauna bench in mild temperature (ca 50°C). A sequence of simple, yoga-or pilates- based poses and the quietness of the sauna pamper the body and the mind and make way for a thoroughly relaxing experience. The combination of the mild heat and gentle poses relieve tension in the body and calm the mind.

A Sauna Yoga sequence is a 30-minute exercise that consists of six poses. The poses strengthen the middle and lower body muscles, increase the flexibility of the spine and the hips and stretch the gluteal and upper body muscles. In addition, Sauna Yoga increases metabolism, reduces stress and facilitates the onset of sleep.

Sauna Yoga is suitable for everyone regardless of age, size, gender or level of fitness and requires no previous yoga training experience.

Private classes: You can book a private class (30-45min exercise + 1h sauna) for your group/ family. During this relaxing class you will have guided exercise and enjoy traditional finnish sauna and swim in the lake. (Book online below or from the sales office.)

    Group size: 2-6 persons
    Place: Oravi, Ruukinranta harbour sauna
    Duration: ca 30 minutes
    Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English

Take this with you: comfortable, light clothes, towel and water bottle. Read here how to prepare for sauna yoga.

"After practising Sauna Yoga, your muscles feel elastic.
Your spine and joints feel as if they have been lubricated
with warm oil. The exercise also effectively focuses the
mind and stops the hamster wheel of whirring thoughts

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