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Restaurant Ruukinranta

Restaurant Ruukinranta serves a la carte dishes, pizza and breakfast. Restaurants specials include local fish from local fisher men (vendace, perch, pike and pike-perch) in different ways, local elk and warm bread from our own bakery. Restaurant is open in Summer season (May-September). FOR GROUPS the restaurant is open on request year-round.


Catering service from Restaurant Ruukinranta to all our villas in Oravi (Oravi, Lakeside, Tallusniemi). Ask for our catering menu. The service including a waiter or just a delivery service. Catering service all year-round.

Wilderness Catering

Wilderness catering is available for all our nature activities, year round. For groups we recommend to make the nature activities even more enjoyable by including a wilderness catering or open fire picnic. Depending on the program we'll enjoy the catering meals by open fire on one of the islands in the National Park.

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