• The ice on the lake has finally melted


    The lake is now open in both Linnansaari and Kolovesi National Parks

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  • The seal safari season has started


    Today we made the first seal safaris of the season. The lake is still partly frozen but there is enough open water north of Oravi to make safaris and canoe trips.

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  • The summerseason starts this weekend


    The lake is still partly frozen and the weather is quite cold. Anyway we open the summer restaurant on Sat 30.4. and it will be open until the end of September. In May the restaurant is open Fri-Sun and other days on request. The shop and cafeteria is open every day 9-17.

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  • Now its seems like spring is coming


    The weather is getting warmer and the winter hiking route is not maintained anymore.

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  • hiihtolatu ja potkurireitti.jpg

    Weekend is for outdoor sports


    Weather forecast promises nice weather for the weekend. You can get from Oravi to Linnansaari by walking, with kick sledge, skiing, by bike. We have also made the skiing track and ploughed a route for kick sledges from Järvisydän to Linnansaari. It is also possible to book a sleigh ride to Linnansaari, book it from the sales service in advance (tel. +358442747078). Snowshoes are the best if you like to go around the nature trails of the Linnansaari island. The pancake cafe in Linnansaari is open on Saturday 2nd at 10.30-15. Notice that the cafe takes cash only. The gear rental in Oravi is open on Saturday at 9-17.

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  • potkurireitti.jpg

    Route for kick sparks open


    Now we have ploughed a route from Oravi to Linnansaari where it is possible to go by kick spark. The rental shop in Oravi is open Mon-Sat 9-17.

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  • potkulkelkat_p.jpg

    Now it is possible to go by kicksparks on the ice


    The snow is almost gone from the ice and the weatherforecast predicts minus degrees for the whole week.

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  • Oravi_talvi 2022_kävely_web res-2.jpg

    It is getting colder again


    The weather forecast predicts cold weather for next week and even more snow. It is still possible to hike or ski on the ice. Please stay on the marked route! The rentalshop in Oravi is open Mon-Sat 9-17.

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  • The sun is shining


    The hiking route Oraví-Linnansaari-Järvisydän is still in good condition. It is possible to ski, walk or bike on the route. Stay on the marked route! You can also book a sleigh ride from Oravi. NOTE: today free folk music concert in Restaurant Ruukinranta in Oravi at 16.00

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  • Misa sunset1 web.jpg

    The weekend


    Great outdoor weather. The hiking route to Linnansaari is open for walking and skiing. The pancake cafeteria on Linnansaari island is open on Saturday 11-15 (cash only). The rental shop and cafeteria in Oravi is open Friday and Saturday 9-17. EDIT. On Saturday morning the cross-country skiing track has been opened from Oravi to all the way to Järvisydän (circa 17km/one way)

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