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Linnansaari National Park has 20 camp grounds accessible by boat.
Sammakkoniemi camping has a cafeteria, boat harbour, sauna, well, eco hostel, fire places, cooking shelter and outdoor toilet. Camping fee in Sammakkoniemi 12 €/tent. The hiking trail from Sammakkoniemi to the croft is ca 1 km and to Perpulanluhta camp site ca 3,5 km.

Boat stage at Sammakkoniemi Camping in Linnansaari Island (62°06,09' 28°31,06') for smaller boats. North of the channel, past the eastern end of Kamarluoto to Sammakkoniemi boat stage, unofficially marked route. Depth 1,5m. The stage has 10-15 places with buoys

Small boat stage at Kamarluoto (62°06,02' 28°31,46'), near the entrance channel to Sammakkoniemi camping on the northern shore of Kamarluoto ca 200 metres from Sammakkoniemi
Harbour fee 12 €/night (pay in the kiosk)

Linnansaari pier  (62°06,00' 28°30,76') on the southern shore of Linnansaari Island. Depth 7,0 m. Four anchor places
Situated ca 300 m from Sammakkoniemi  on the southern shore of Linnansaari Island.




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