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Hiking trails

Linnonpolku Nature Trail, 2 km,  marked with orange circles. On this trail you can see how both the natural phenomena and the man shape the landscape. If you are lucky you can spot the endangered White-backed Woodpecker.  Walking this circular nature trail takes about 1 hour. The trail starts next to the cafeteria in Sammakkoniemi.
Circular trail, 7 km, is the most popular hiking trail in the park. The trail is in quite difficult terrain, and it is marked with orange circles. The trail goes through varying landscape, including herb-rich forests and grove-like moist forests. The duckboard bridge with handrails, which crosses Linnansaarenlampi Pond, can be slippery when it rains. Sturdy shoes are needed on the trails of Linnansaari. The trail goes to Linnavuori Rock scenic lookout place, where the view over the lake landscape of Haukivesi is worth seeing. Walking this trail takes 3 - 4 hours.

Circular trail, 5,5 km, is a shorter version of the 7 km circular trail. It goes around Linnansaarenlampi Pond, and does not go up to Linnavuori Rock scenic lookout place.

There are two accessible trails in Linnansaari. One is from Sammakkoniemi Camping to Linnansaari Croft (0,7km) and the other one takes you to the crossroads of the Croft and Linnanlampi trail (0,3km). These trails are accessible by wheelchair with an assistant. 

Linnansaari croft
Linnansaari Croft has been restored for visitors to enter into the traditional self-sufficient way of life of the inhabitants in the old times. The buildings, slash-and-burn fields and small meadows are maintained to resemble the landscape in the 1930s.
For groups we arrange guided tours to the croft.







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