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Ruukinranta buffet and catering menu

The catering service is available from September to May.
During the high season from June to August, we provide catering services according to resources.


- Gravy-cured pike-perch and organic rye bread 6,90 €/100g
- Seasonal fresh salad 2,50 €/100g
- Smoked vendace (seasonal product, ask for availability!) 3,50 €/100g
- Tomato and mozzarella salad 4 €/100g

Main courses

- Creamy fish soup with organic rye bread 18 €/person
- Moose meat soup with organic rye bread 18 €/person
- Reindeer meat soup and organic rye bread 19 €/person
- Tomato wild mushroom soup with garlic croutons (vegan) 21 €/person
- Boneless pike fillets with crab cream sauce and boiled potatoes 25 €/person
- Haukivesi's pike steaks with cream sauce and boiled potatoes 24 €/person
- Smoked pike perch fillet with house sauce, boiled potatoes and seasonal vegetables 29 €/person
- Karelian stew and boiled potatoes 24 €/person
- Reindeer meatballs, house sauce and mashed potatoes 29 €/person
- Reindeer stew and mashed potatoes 35 €/person
- Vegetarian lasagne (also available vegan) 22 €/person
- Pizza buffet (Margarita, Otso and Moose) 18 €/person
- Overcooked pork chops with mustard sauce and baked potatoes 23 €/person
- Fried boneless chicken thighs with smoked cheese sauce and boiled rice 23 €/person
- Pike fillet roll in creamy white wine sauce and boiled potatoes 25 €/person
- Torn pork with BBQ sauce, French fries and coleslaw salad 24 €/person

The meal includes bread and butter and water as a beverage.

You can always change the side dishes according to your wishes!
Side dishes: baked potato, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries, baked vegetables, couscous, rice


- Stuffed cream cake and coffee 11 €/person
- Buttermilk and white chocolate dessert with blueberries 11 €/person
- Cheese platter 14 €/person
- Ruukinranta chocolate cake with raspberry sauce 12 €/person

Desserts include coffee and tea.


If you can't find what you are looking for on the list, you can also make a request.

Minimum charge 400 e/group/order
Same menu for the whole group

Catering fee to the villas, price per order:
The catering fee incl. packing and transportation of the food to the villa
To Oravi villas 30 €, to Lakesade villa 60 €, to Tallusniemi villa 90 €, to Villa Kolovesi 120 €
Table setting and dish washing 50 €

Please remember to indicate any special dietary requirements and restrictions when ordering!

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